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About Bodhi Pilates Co

Bodhi Pilates Co is a warm and inviting reformer studio that is dedicated to promoting wellness. We believe in creating a sense of community and providing a welcoming environment for all.

We are a small group reformer Pilates studio in Murwillumbah. We love creating a sense of connection within our community. We believe in making fitness enjoyable and accessible to everyone and we welcome individuals of all fitness levels to join our classes.

We prioritise building connections and having fun while working towards our fitness  


Charmy has created a space that brings the beauty of nature indoors and features a large colourful hand painted mural creating a sense of being outside. Charmy has incorporated reclaimed wooden furniture, such as desks and storage boxes into the studio’s design. This not only adds a funky and unique touch to the space but also helps reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact.


Our Staff


Charmy is a warm and nurturing Reformer Pilates instructor. She has been working in the fitness industry since the age of 21 and discovered her love for reformer Pilates in 2013 as a client. Charmy owned a successful reformer studio in Melbourne, but in 2020, she made the decision to sell the studio and move up north in search for warmer weather. In 2020 Charmy became the proud owner and founder of Bodhi Pilates Co in Murwillumbah. Her main focus is on creating a sense of community and connection among her clients. Charmy’s nurturing approach and dedication to building a supportive environment make her classes a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all.



As a former Dancer and Choreographer, Jake felt right at home when he found the Reformer after moving away from the entertainment industry and hasn’t looked back since. Bringing a fun, dynamic and high intensity approach to his teaching, Jake’s classes are sure to leave you with that feel good burn every time! Outside of teaching, you will likely find Jake at Kingy creek for high tide each day or tuning in to the rhythm of the kitchen. If you are looking for 45 minutes of fun, drop in and join Jake in class!


Born and bred on the GC Dee has always found movement to be her medicine. Since the day Dee's mum introduced her to Pilates at the age of 15 she has found her passion through the exercise. Dee loves training others to connec with themselves on a deeper level through Pilates and meditation. She is always looking for new ways to empower her students through their practice.



Growing up in a small town in Northern NSW, Brooke was always drawn to an active and vibrant way of life. However, it was during her time abroad that she discovered her true passion for Pilates. Devoted to sharing the joy and transformative benefits of Pilates with others, Brooke now thrives as an Instructor. In her class you can expect a full body workout that not only strengthens your muscles, but also promotes flexibility, and finding balance within your body and mind. Join Brooke as you explore the power of Pilates together. Each session will leave you brimming with energy, ready to tackle the day.



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