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Class Types

At Bodhi Pilates Co we want to take you on a journey starting with our foundation classes then progressing on to our flow and fit classes.

If you are new to Pilates we recommend you starting in our foundation class this is your launch pads this is where you journey starts getting familiar to the reformer bed.

Then once you feel confident with how everything works you can then try our flow & fit classes


We will support you throughout your class to ensure you are getting the most out of each movement, making it fun and interactive.


Bodhi Pilates Co is more than just a workout. It’s a community for conscious movement and high vibe connections.


See below full description of our class types.


Reformer Foundation

Reformer FOUNDATION is your launch pad it's where your journey starts. In these classes we will break down everything you need to know. This will educate you and help you feel confident and familiar with the reformer bed.


If you are new to pilates start here. This class is slower paced, getting to know the reformer and will get a full body workout.

Reformer Foundation

Reformer Flow

Reformer FLOW a medium paced intermediate class which works on the entire body with lots of fluidity, layers and options in a dynamic class to strengthen your body we will burn and sweat.

Reformer Flow

Reformer Fit

Reformer FIT a faster paced dynamic class. Fit classes are designed to take you to new levels. Less rest more movement

Expect to burn and sweat.

Reformer Fit

Please note all classes require socks to be worn for hygiene and safety purposes. You can bring your own to class or purchase at out studio.

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